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How to tell jokes in a business presentation

t's said that telling a joke well is incredibly difficult. That may be true, but one thing is certain - ruining one is incredibly easy. Most people shy away from using humor during business presentations for two reasons. Either they think it will be out of place, because it's a serious presentation or topic, or because they think they'll screw it up and the audience will laugh at them, not with them. Here are 10 tips to ensure you have then 'rolling in the aisles' as opposed to 'rolling their eyes'. Read the article

10 tips on how to use humour in a presentation


If you've read my article Whole-Brain Presenting, you'll know one of the best ways to engage the right-half of your audience's brains is by using humour. However, may presenters are uncomfortable about doing this, seeing it as being 'unprofessional.' The secret is using it effectively without coming across as a second-rate cabaret act. So here's TEN TIPS to help you do it. Read the article


How to handle objections during a presentation

No matter how thoroughly you've prepared your presentation and how logically you've stated your case, there's normally someone, somewhere, who'll object to something. Which means 'overcoming objections' is a necessary skill for all presenters, not just salespeople. Read the article

Data overload

How too much information hinders decision-making

Most people think that business decisions are always taken based on rational analysis of the facts and a thorough examination of all available options before selecting the one with the optimal balance of pros and cons. And because of this, there is often a tendency to think that the more information someone has, the better the eventual decision. More data is seen almost as an unqualified good. Read the article

Threat movie poster

How to deliberately create a threat in order to effect change

If you worry that your audience may feel threatened by your presentation, one way to deal with this is to deliberately distract their Lizard Brains with an even bigger threat. The best way to do it ...... the Big Beast, the 1000lb Gorilla, the Killer application ..... is Problem/Threat and Solution. Read the article

10 tips on how to use cue cards

My recommendation is always to rehearse your presentation so you can deliver it without notes. BUT ......... if presenting without notes fills you with dread in case your mind goes blank and you forget your own name, never mind the presentation topic, don't worry about it. Winston Churchill, JFK and Martin Luther King all spoke from a script, and President Obama never made a major speech without an autocue. Read the article

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